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We are excited to share this whitepaper with you. Our team has gathered insights from industry experts, and put together a document that delves into the Embedded Network industry. We want to shed light on how it affects residents and address a common challenge faced by all apartment buildings. Our whitepaper not only offers possible solutions and strategies but also takes into consideration the important aspect of regulatory compliance in this field.


Our team has worked within the industry for over 20 years, providing support to many of Australia’s leading Strata Management Firms and negotiating contractual agreements with both large & small Embedded Network providers in Australia.

We believe in demystifying the operations of all Embedded Networks and putting control back in the hands of residents and owners.


Jock Robertson, Chairman, Owners Corporation - SP95221

Our Owners Corporation, which also forms part of a Building Management Committee for other facilities within the complex, was becoming increasingly concerned with our electricity charges that we had been committed to for 5 years under an Embedded Network agreement established when the building was completed.  What were supposed to be discounted charges didn’t appear to be so, so we engaged the services of an expert in the field, Joseph Arena and his company, Arena Energy Consulting.   Joseph’s brief was to review our existing contract, advise whether the charges were in accordance with the terms of their engagement, and then compare with similar circumstances in the market.  Joseph undertook this exercise comprehensively and returned with his review findings and recommendations.  Not only were we being significantly overcharged, we were also not receiving discounts promised as part of the original deal. As a result, the various parties involved in the ownership and management of the complex expanded Joseph’s engagement to include the tendering and negotiation of alternative suppliers, which resulted in offers substantially improved on what we had been paying.  We elected to engage in further discussions with one supplier, and Joseph not only negotiated a 5-year contract, but one with the added benefit of financial credit for the complex, further reducing our overall expenditure.  To say we were delighted with Arena Energy Consulting would be an understatement! Joseph is extremely professional, knowledgeable and personable, and I have no hesitation in recommending him and his company for any advice relating to energy consumption and management.

Matt W, Committee Member, Owners Corporation - SP95564

Our Strata Plan recently engaged with Arena Energy Consulting to change Embedded Network Operators for our building. We found the tender documents to be extremely thorough, detailed but also easy enough to understand. Throughout the process Joseph was extremely engaging and we ended up landing on a good option thanks to his long experience in the industry and helping us identify a good fit for our Owners Corporation.

Joshua William, Secretary, Owners Corporation - SP91033

I am the Secretary on the Strata committee for a block of 160 apartments. The Owners Corporation engaged the services of Arena Energy Consulting after the builder put the Owners Corporation in an extremely compromising position in relation to the embedded network agreement. Joseph handled the process from start to finish and the Owners Corporation is now in an agreement that is fair, reasonable and beneficial. I would highly recommend Joseph’s services and his wealth of experience.


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